Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Requesting Halloween Ideas...

Hey gals!

I am putting feelers out for good ideas for halloween costumes.
I have always preferred to piece together my own costumes rather than buy one from a store, and I like the to be kinda witty and relevant.
As y'all know, I'm getting married soon (just 39 more days! eep!) and therefore, but budget is VERY tiny for this costume. However, as part of our honeymoon, we will be in Disney on halloween, so i really want to have a fun costume to wear!
Nothing too revealing, and kid-friendly, please (as I'm sure there will be more kids than adults in Disney on halloween).

And with that said, feel free to make as many suggestions as you can think of!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fasion Night Out, DC...


Hey DC Fashion bloggers!
Are any of you planning on attending DC's Fashion Night Out events tomorrow night?

I am so late to this party, having only heard *today* that DC will be having events for FNO!
I'm hoping I will be able to make it -- and if I do, I will do my best to snap some fab photos to share with you all.

Check out the Fashion Night Out, Georgetown DC website for more information!