Friday, February 25, 2011

I Nailed It...

Kiddoes, this is what my toes are looking like these days. Can we get an intervention? I am seriously in desperate need of a pedicure! I painted my little piggies like 2 months ago, and sadly 3 of them are totally naked by now.

On the flip-side, let me show y'all my fingers:

This polish is 2 weeks old! Aside from the expected grow-out, there are no chips and minimal wear. What magical brand is this??
Wet-N-Wild! Yes gals, the same brand from your youth! And the best part? Their polishes only cost $2 a bottle at CVS. I have tried 2 different colors, and both have lasted 2 weeks. (Needless to say, I've gone back and stocked up!) The coverage is great, it feels good on my nails. For regular colors I only used 2 coats. For this glitter polish, I used 3 (just for optimum coverage).
They have a wide variety of colors, and frankly, and polish that lasts 2 weeks on my nails is amazing to me.

So ladies, get yourself some Wet-N-Wild!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Meggy, over at Chasing Davies, is sponsoring a giveaway where the winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Apothica. is an online site that has an incredible selection of skin and body care, aromatherapy, and cosmetic products.
If you're interested in a chance to win this giveaway, go check out Meggy's site and enter for yourself!
Personally, if I win, I'm totally coveting Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friend Friday...

Welcome to this week's edition of Friend Fridays, sponsored by ModlyChic.

1. Since you started blogging has your image of yourself changed?

I have grown to accept my weight and shape so much more since I started blogging. I'm still learning, but I better know how to dress the shape that I am now, as opposed to the shape I was 10-15 years ago. It's a lot more work now than it was back then, but I find myself so proud when I put together an outfit that is flattering, creative, and fun all at the same time.

2. Are you self-conscious about any aspect of yourself? If so, do you go out of your way to avoid it or do you post it/talk about it anyway?

I am self-conscious about EVERY aspect of myself! It's probably my biggest flaw -- I care way too much what people think. I act like I don't, and I wish I didn't so much, but I do -- I want everyone to like me!
Physically, while I've come a long way, I still have a really hard time accepting the size and shape that I am. I was tall and thin all the way up through college, so not only is it incongruous in my mind when I look in the mirror, it's also hard for me to accept that the reason I have gained weight is all my own doing.
I do go out of my way to either camouflage the areas I'm not happy with when I dress or to at least make a point not to emphasize those areas. I'm not afraid to talk about the things I'm self-conscious about, but I have been working on not focusing on it so much mentally -- while it is something to think about when I buy clothes, I don't want it to be the ONLY focus of my fashion choices.

3. Based on how you are feeling now, what do you think the future holds in the evolution of your body image?

I'm hoping that I will be able to get myself in better shape. I don't imagine that I will ever be as tiny as I was back in the day, but right now I'm obese, out of shape, and flat-out unhealthy -- I don't want that for myself, my husband, or the children I hope to have someday. Still, I have always had curves, and I love that!
I have grown so much over the past year or two in my self-acceptance, and I see that just getting even better!

4. Do you photograph yourself for your blog? If so, how do you feel about the experience when you're having your picture taken? If you choose not to post pictures of yourself, what prompted that decision?

While I haven't taken many photos for the last several months, yes, I do take photos of myself for my blog. I am getting better at knowing how to pose in a way that flatters my shape. I grew up as a dancer, so I always had my pictures taken -- somehow, despite growing up with low self-esteem about my appearance, I also developed a huge sense of vanity, and I *hate* showing people bad pictures of me! Are my photos perfect? no. Do I post photos that are not true about how I look? no -- I don't even retouch redeye and I rarely even do so much as adjust brightness/lighting. But yes, I may turn to the side or suck in my gut so my tummy looks a little flatter.

5. What would you want every person who struggles with body image to take to heart?

As I'm learning for myself: every shape is beautiful, including YOURS! If the clothes don't fit or flatter, it's not the fault of you or your body; the clothes simply don't do justice to fabulous shape you've got. You aren't wrong for the piece. The piece is wrong for you. Keep searching for a piece that's flattering to your amazing body.
There are many gorgeous bloggers out there of all shapes and sizes, so no matter what you look like, you can find some fabulous inspiration out there. And no matter which struggles you face in shopping for clothes or putting outfits together, there is someone out there who is in the same situation who can share tips, tricks, and hints with you! We can all learn from each other and inspire one another!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RED Between the Lines...

So, as promised, here I am posting the outfits I have worn so far for Go Red for Women month. Despite posting them horrifically late, I promise I wore them right on time!

OH! and before I get to showing you the outfits, I wanna point out my new haircut! I got really tired of my hair, having to grow it out for the wedding, and I was beyond ready to trim it up. Seriously, my hairdresser thought I was going to be at her house the next day, ready to have my head shaved. Well, I didn't shave it all off, but I did go drastic -- pixie cut! I'm amazed at how versatile this cut is, but I am still learning how to style it. Most days I just wake up and see what sort of shape my hair is creating and just sorta go with it. But I'm not quite at the point yet where I can make it do what I want it to do... Either way, I'm loving it!

On with the photos!

First up, Friday, February 4:


Top: Charlotte Russe
Vest: H&M
Pants: Torrid
Boots: Torrid
Scarf: gift
Earrings: gift
Charm Bracelet: gift
Garnet Bracelet: old
Nail Polish: Wet-n-Wild


The charm bracelet was a bridal shower gift from my mother. It is a Troll Beads bracelet, which is perfect because you can buy beads from any charm bracelet company and they will work on there. (Most companies have theirs designed so you have to buy their beads.) When she gave it to me, she had a few beads on it: 2 stoppers, a white wedding bead, and 2 beads with an S and a C -- my husband + my initials. Then for Christmas she gave me 2 Christmas-themed beads, and for my birthday, she gave me another bead with my birthstone. All of the other beads were Christmas and birthday gifts from my husband, and all of them have meaning to me. I never thought I was a charm bracelet kinda gal, but I really love gifts with meaning, so this is perfect!

And these earrings. YOWZA! These were a birthday gift from my husband, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! We went to the jewelry store together, and he let me pick them out -- I love them because they mirror the shape of my wedding ring, but aren't exactly the same. So they coordinate, but don't look like a matched set. Hubby (and the salesgal) actually tried to talk me into a bigger set, but I love these because they are still demure enough for everyday wearing. Anything larger, to me, would look strange with an everyday outfit and would be relegated to "special occasion only" use -- and really, what's the point of that? I have worn these ever day since he bought them for me, and I'm in love with them.

Moving on to Friday, February 11:


Gingham Top: thrifted
Black Top: JC Penney
Pants: Marshalls
Belt: unknown
Shoes: American Eagle for Payless
Earrings: gift
Charm Bracelet: gift
Glasses: Versus (by Versace)


First, you probably notice that I'm wearing glasses in this set. I don't usually wear my glasses during the day -- not because I don't like them, but simply because my eyes are so sensitive to light that I need sunglasses if I'm outside. Like ever. Even at night if there's any hint of sunlight in the sky. But the 2 nights before sporting this outfit, I had fallen asleep in my contacts, so my eyes were bugging me. Hence, the glasses. I'm actually getting ready to have my eyes re-tested, and I think I will get new lenses put into these frames that tint in the sunlight so that I can wear my glasses more often. (It's an added bonus that my hubby LOVES it when I wear my glasses!)
I love these glasses. I received several comments at work that they made me look very intelligent (apparently I look like a doofus most of the time?). The brand is Versus, by Versace. I never chose them because of the name -- in fact, when I bought them, I had no idea who made Versus; I actually thought they were a no-name brand. I simply bought them because I really liked them. Then I got home and felt all posh that I bought Versace glasses.

The other piece of this outfit that I really love is the red wrap/poncho thingamajiggie. Yes, that's the technical name of it.
It was a secret santa gift from one of my coworkers. (His lady-friend has impeccable style!) I love that it can be worn in several different shapes (as I attempted to show in my collage). Most of the time I wear either the back or the front belted and let the other half swing free. Belting it still give ME a shape while I can still cuddle in the warm coziness if this thing.

Seriously, if y'all are still with me, reading this novel, you deserve an award. A MAJOR award. ::snickers to self while thinking of A Christmas Story::
I'm not back to taking daily outfit photos just yet, but I really appreciate your comments telling me to just ease back into it. I'm glad you're still with me, and it feels like a homecoming getting back into posting here.


Rose over at From Sneakers to Stilettos is hosting a giveaway!
Head on over to her blog for your chance to win a $100 Shopbop giftcard.

Or better yet, don't -- so I have a better chance at winning it for myself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Memories, Light the Corners of my Mind,,,

Wow, y'all, it's been a LONG time since I have posted an outfit photo, hasn't it?!
Well, before I get into posting anything new or recent, I decided to go ahead and post the last set of photos I took pre-wedding -- these are from all the way back in August. Yes, that's right, August -- the last of summer, sunshine, and warmth. *le sigh*


Dress: Target
Boots: Torrid
Earrings: Body Central
Tights: Marshalls?
Cami: NY&Co


OK kids, I'm slowly working on getting back into the swing of things. I haven't taken many photos yet, but (despite not having yet posted them) I have at least taken pictures of my Go Red for Women Fridays -- and I promise I will be getting those outfits posted soon!
Hang in there, guys. I'm getting my mojo back. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friend Friday...

Welcome to this week's edition of Friend Fridays, sponsored by ModlyChic.

1. What color dominates your closet?

I don't know that any one color dominates my closet, honestly. Sure, I have my fair share of black (like most people), but it really isn't a predominant color in my closet. I do tend more toward darker neutrals when it comes to heavy, winter clothes -- somehow they just seem warmer mentally/emotionally. But for the last 2 winters (since I have discovered this wonderful world of fashion blogs) I have done a multitude of remixing and layering with my non-winter-specific pieces, so now even my winter outfits are full of color!

2. If money weren't an issue how would you change the color emphasis in your closet?

There are definitely certain colors I don't have as much of in my closet (yellow and orange are two specific examples, and purple is also a little thin) so if money were no object, I would have pieces made in the right shades of those colors to flatter my skin tone. Now that I think about it, I do think most of my color is in my tops, so I would also spend some money on getting more color into my pants, skirts, and dresses.

3. What is your mantra about mixing colors?

While I'm not as bold and daring as some ladies out there, if it's something you're into, just DO it! I have found some of my most favorite outfits by putting pieces together that I thought would clash or be too bold of a color statement. You'd be amazed what looks fabulous together! Just try it -- you'll like it!

4. For you, how do you incorporate color into your outfits?

I first started by buying pieces I knew I liked in colors that I would normally avoid for various reasons. I knew the item was a good cut/fit for me, so I broadened my color horizons that way. Then Once I was comfortable with more color in that way, I moved on to adding accessories in other colors. For example, a neutral pant, a colored top, and a necklace in a contrasting color is simple, but it makes quite a statement! From there, I moved onto bold prints and color/pattern mixing. It's kinda like an addiction -- once you try it, you just can't stop!

5. Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating color into their wardrobe?

Seriously, this list could go on forever, but here are a few gals I picked at random:

All the gals over at Academichic
Sal from Already Pretty
Hillary of By Hillary
Kimberly over at Fab Finds Under $50
Audi at Fashion for Nerds
Rose with From Sneakers to Stilettos (her combos are some of my favorites!)
Suze from Miss Vinyl Ahoy
Andie over at What Andie Wears

Keep up the good work, ladies!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friend Friday...

Welcome to this week's edition of Friend Fridays, sponsored by ModlyChic.

1. With all the blogging events out there how do you determine which ones to participate in and which ones to avoid?

Basically, I participate in whichever ones appeal to me and that I have time for in my life. I like challenges as a way to look at my wardrobe differently and get more use out of it, but some challenges seem more like work than fun to me -- and I don't need any more work in my life! For example, the idea of Kendi's 30x30 sounds truly interesting, but I can just sense about myself that I'm just not ready for something like that. Instead, I'm thinking of participating in something similar, but more short-term like Jane's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. The concept is similar (limited number of pieces for maximum number of outfits) but the time-frame is much shorter (a 5-day workweek). I have done this one before, and it is just more my speed.

2. Be honest, have you ever jumped on the bandwagon of some blogging movement/event for the wrong reasons? How did that turn out?

I don't think so, not yet, at least. So far, the only blogging events that I have participated in are the aforementioned Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, the Annual Go Red For Women campaign, and Kimberly's monthly Outfit Inspiration Calendars. The first I did to challenge myself a little bit. The second I did because, well, it's just a good cause. And the last I did, I guess to toot my own horn a bit, but also because Kimberly's calendar has been a great go-to tool for me on several occasions, and sometimes it's just nice to give back a little bit!

3. How do you give your own flair to a blog event while still maintaining the general mission and purpose?

Y'know, I've never really written out a mission/purpose for my blog. Really, I guess it's just to document what I wear -- hits and misses. not everyday, necessarily, but whenever I manage to snap a photo. I share info I find useful too. Really basic. So, if I decide to participate in some blogger challenge or wardrobe event, it's still keeping in the theme with showing my readers what I wear. Obviously not every challenge is for everyone, and that's ok; but if it sparks my interest, I'm gonna go for it.

4. When determining the best content for your blog what criterion do you keep in mind?

I'm not an instructor, and I'm not here to push the envelope of anyone but myself. Really, I'm here more as a student than anything else. If I find something interesting or useful, I figure others may as well, and I will pass along that information. Do with it what you will...

5. While everything will not suit your blog, how do you try and support your fellow bloggers who are participating in something worthwhile but not your style?

As I said before, not every challenge is for everyone, and that's ok. For example, just because I'm not participating in Kendi's 30x30 myself doesn't mean I'm not still interested in seeing the outfits others put together. Will I be looking at the blogs of all 800+ people participating? Oh hells, no! But if I already follow your blog, it's because I like your style -- and I don't see that diminishing just because you're using a limited section of your wardrobe for a month. The same way that I'm interested in expanding the usability of my clothes, so are other gals, and if I can pick up a tip, trick, or hint from someone else's experience, I'm totally game for that too.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Red for Women...

Go Red

Andie, over at What Andie Wears, is hosting this year's Go Red for Women Campaign. Heart Disease is the number 1 killer of women in America. In fact, more women die of cardiovascular disease than the next 5 causes of death combined. That’s including cancer!
National Wear Red day is this Friday, February 4th. Women (and men!) throughout the country will be wearing red this Friday to show support for the cause and bring attention to this disease.

Andie is pushing the envelope a little farther by urging bloggers to wear red, not just this Friday, but every Friday for the entire month of February.
I'm in!