Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Requesting Halloween Ideas...

Hey gals!

I am putting feelers out for good ideas for halloween costumes.
I have always preferred to piece together my own costumes rather than buy one from a store, and I like the to be kinda witty and relevant.
As y'all know, I'm getting married soon (just 39 more days! eep!) and therefore, but budget is VERY tiny for this costume. However, as part of our honeymoon, we will be in Disney on halloween, so i really want to have a fun costume to wear!
Nothing too revealing, and kid-friendly, please (as I'm sure there will be more kids than adults in Disney on halloween).

And with that said, feel free to make as many suggestions as you can think of!


  1. Hmmm, not sure my ideas will be uber original, but you could use them as a jumping off point. Every year DH, me & the kids dress up and we try to have our costumes go together. These are some of the things we've done:

    Queen Bee, Daddy long legs & little bugs -- I used yellow masking tape on black clothes to create bee look, bought black wings and cheap crown + antenea. DH aka Daddy long legs wore top hat, bow tie and black sweats. To create the additional legs we used 4 black cat tails purchased at costume shop and pinned them to the sweatshirt. (Kids were butterfly & red ant.)

    Firefighters & dalmation -- DD was dalmation, took a white sweat suit and panted spots all over it, used black kid socks for ears. Took dark colored jackets & boots and put florescent tape stripes on them to look like firefighters...bought cheap plastic hats and DH carried a plastic ax.

    Sea theme: silver party store crown, blue cape and trident for DH to be king Neptune (spray paint a devils fork for trident)...take a long skirt/dress in appropriate ocean colors and tie ribbon near the bottom to give mermaid illusion, then use Haiwain stuff to beach it up, glue seashells to stuff, etc.

    Bat-tastic -- this year we're doing a bat type theme....one of us will be a vampire and the rest will be bats. For Bat costumes black sweats w/pointed foam ears glued to hoods and fabric glued to sleeve & body to form bat wings. Vampire is easy, black cape, white make-up and cheap teeth.

    Hope that helps -- sounds like a blast to be at Disney for Halloween!!! Have fun :)

  2. I don't have any ideas but I do have a warning.
    Have you checked if they do dressing for Halloween as Disney has an anticostume policy for adults.
    I have a few friends who've worked at DW

    I feel all know it all saying that but the idea of you being on honeymoon and them not letting you in if they don't do costumes made me worried!

  3. Are you going to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at night or doing the visit in the daytime?

    The night-time event is wonderful - I recommend it! People are in costume all over the place. Since you're doing the theme park thing though, keep in mind comfort. I usually just wear black capris and a Halloween tee from Target. But it is definitely the forum to display your creativity.

    I like Kayleigh's suggestions for theme wear - that will make it more fun. The best costumes I have ever seen at MNSSHP were two adults dressed as FastPasses - it was hysterical (and quite accurate actually). Good luck!