Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Questions for the Peanut Gallery...

Hey Y'all!

As you're all sorely aware, I haven't posted any outfit photos here in several months.
First, it was my wedding -- I was busy planning, then recovering.
Once I was mentally ready again to start taking pictures, it was too bloody cold outside! I love the natural light and backdrop; those photos always came out so much better than anything I ever took indoors...
Which leads me to another issue: indoors, I have literally NO space in my house that isn't occupied by stuff. no bare wall anywhere that would make a decent backdrop for an outfit pic.

Now, this post isn't meant to be a list of excuses, but rather a cry for help.
Do any of you have any suggestions for places within a seriously messy house to take pictures? Would you rather see craptastic images than nothing at all? I mentioned to the hubs last night that I really want to start posting here again, but I just lacked the proper place to take my pictures. (Come on warm weather!)

Basically, I just want to know what YOU want. What do you want to see here?


  1. Are outdoor photos an option? I know some people take longer to take photos, but if you have someone to take your photos or a stable ipod - 2 minutes outside makes for good pictures.

    Otherwise an "organized" area works out fine. I know many bloggers blog in front of their doors, their couches, in their kitchen, against walls of a color that compliments their outfit.

  2. I'd rather you post any picture than none at all. And like the previous poster said, maybe in front of a door would work.

  3. Yes! Craptastic pictures are fine! Do it Do it!

  4. I totally agree with the other ladies.. we want to see YOU.. who cares about your junk, lol (within reason ofcourse).. just clear off a corner and call it your own...
    Mrs Hall In Training