Friday, February 5, 2010

Go Red Snow Day...

This is not the outfit I had planned on wearing today in honor of Go Red for Women Day. Due to all of the snow we were expecting today, I decided to work from home instead of heading into the office, and I opted for a more casual look instead of the schmancier ensemble I had planned on wearing -- don't worry, though, I will wear that outfit once we are back in the office, and I'll be sure to snap a photo!


Sweater: Moda International via Victoria's Secret
Tshirt: Kohl's
Pants: NY&Co
Socks, gift from future MIL

That's right, kids; no shoes with this outfit. With the exception of the black sneakers I wore to the grocery store and my fiance's office, I was shoeless all day. As such, I decided to sport the snowflake socks my fiance's mom gave me as a stocking stuffer I think last year?

I picked up a few of these tshirts at Kohl's a few years ago, and I had never thought to incorporate them into a look I could wear to work. But seeing it under this chunky cardi, I might have to rethink that!
What I really love about this cardi is that it buttons up off-center. I think that gives it a funky bit of flair, so I usually style it fairly simply. It works really well left open or fully buttoned up, but more of the time I wear it with a few buttons closed and the rest left open to show the under layer.

Fiance and I walked to the grocery store today -- our new place is just a block away! It was nice to take a walk in the snow before it got too heavy, to wet, and too dirty to want to be out in it. It was also nice to get some food in this house other than fast food! Our fridge now has actual ingredients in it, which we haven't had since we moved in last week. Taking a walk, carrying back groceries, a real meal...I feel healthier already!


  1. That is a cuuuute sweater. I like the chunky cardis!

  2. Your comment made me blush :) thanks!

    I LOVE your tee shirt and sweater together! The print on the top is sweet, and I love the bold buttons on the sweater too.

  3. That sweater is awesome!! The color looks great on you

  4. That is a fantastic t. And the socks are so cute.

  5. I do love that cardi... we need to plan a meet up after all this snow is gone. And I feel you on living close to the store. We live about two blocks from Trader Joes and LOVE it!!!