Friday, August 12, 2011

Friend Friday...

Welcome to this week's edition of Friend Fridays, sponsored by ModlyChic.

Actually, this week's Friend Friday is a visual one sponsored by Miss Rockwell of the blog Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless.
For her selection, Miss Rockwell requested all of us to share photos of our manicures.

Now, I have been keeping up my manicures all summer long -- ever since winter ravaged my nails, I love to keep them in shape and colorful! Sometimes I have a bright color, sometimes it's dark. I have done glitters, jellies, cremes, appliques... you name it!

For this week's post, I had originally wanted to do something that would make my readers ooh and ahh, but unfortunately, I have had the week from hell. Mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. I just didn't have it in me to do much more than simply paint my nails.
However, I did recently buy a fun new super-glitterly polish while on vacation that I have been dying to try out, so I took this opportunity to do so!

I recently picked up a bottle of nail polish from Claire's called "Bedazzled" (I think). I normally don't buy Claire's polish because the one bottle I bought many years ago was terrible, but recently, I had heard ok things about their polish. But really, the main reason I bought this bottle was because it reminded me SO MUCH of "Happy Birthday" by Deborah Lippmann.

Let's Compare.

My bottle of Claire's "Bedazzled" :

Deborah Lippmann's "Happy Birthday" :
Lippman Happy Birthday

Multi-sized, Multi-colored, Multi-shaped glitter.
Check, check, and check!
Why spend $15+ when you can pay $5 or less and get the same thing?

Now, let's see this gorgeousness on my fingers.

Sooooo sparkly...

Holding Bottle

It only took me 2 coats to achieve uber-sparkles. One coat even looks good on its own. I could also see myself doing 3-4 coats to seriously cover all visible bare nail or even applying a coat of this over a multitude of other solid colors.
Seriously ya'll, this stuff is like a party in a bottle -- oh wait, Deborah Lippman already said that on her site.

I can only say that after the total crap of a week that I had, it's wonderful when something as simple and silly as glittery nail polish can put a smile on your face.
It certainly did that for me!


  1. I like it. I'm pretty excited about the use of the lingo "uber-sparkles" - nice one!

  2. Definitely a 'party in a bottle'! I love it!

  3. @Dress Me Polly: everyone should experience uber-sparkles in their life.

    @MissRockwell: now I've got a party on my fingertips -- I carry the party everywhere I go!