Friday, September 2, 2011

Friend Friday...

Welcome to this week's edition of Friend Fridays, sponsored by ModlyChic.

Since fall is just around the corner (or already tapping on the door for some of us), the focus of this week's Friend Friday is our five favorite fall fashion trends.

The first thing I noticed when looking into this year's fall fashion trends is that so many of them remind me of revamped versions of what I wore back in high school. The 90's a re back with a vengeance, kids.

(1) Patterns: Polka dots and Plaids
Polka Dots


Stylish gals love their patterns, and this fall is no exception. Polka dots are classic and never go out of style, but they are even bigger than ever this fall.

And remember donning your dad's flannel shirt with some combat boots? (No? Was that just me?) Well this fall's plaid is a little less Angela Chase and a little more Kate Middleton. Fitted and classy, not oversized and clashy.

(2) Colors: Mustard and Jade


Mustard has been a popular color for several seasons now, but it always makes a resurgence in the fall. Along with browns, tans, and rusts, mustard is a typically fall color.

Jade is sort of new to the popular colors group this year. While jewel tones are never out of style, it's not often that a particular shade is pulled from the pack and spotlighted. It's sorta like in Heathers or Mean Girls, only without the backstabbing and murder. And what with green being my favorite color, I'm sure I will have to rein myself in with the Jade for a while...

(3) Skirts: Leather and Midis

Midi Pencil

Leather skirts are HUGE for fall, and let me tell you, I want one, y'all! (You can tell I really really really want something when my twang comes out in writing.)
Midi skirts are also still hanging around from this summer.

While leather minis and flowy midis are still as popular as they have always been, one particular shape of both that is prominent for fall is the longer pencil skirt -- the type that comes to just below the knee. This shape offers more covereage for cooler temperatures. In addition, it also adds a little conservativeness to the already-sexy leather skirt and reins in the free-spirited mentality of the midi.

(4) Ring Around the Collar: Peter Pan and Chokers
Peter Pan Collar


This fall seems to be the season of the neck, no?
Gals who have been into vintage clothing have been coveting peter pans collars for ages, and now that look is becoming easier to access with these youthful, fun-spirited touches being added to tops, dresses, and coats everywhere.

If, like me, you prefer the look of peter pans collars on others, chokers may be the neck-enhancing trend for you. Now again, I'm not talking about the oversized cross on a velvet ribbon that we all used to pair with the aforementioned flannel shirt or babydoll dresses we wore back in high school. Instead, think funky, chunky baubles. It's a statement necklace of a whole other kind.

(5) Hard and Soft: Goth Looks and Lace


Ahh, the goth look. It will always hold a place in my heart. Yes, I was the gal who occasionally may have worn ripped tights and a dog collar to the mall.
This season's goth look is a little less "I will eat your soul" and a little more romantic. While I wouldn't put her into the Goth category, Audi does a good job of employing these romantic touches to create awesome, unique looks. Think Edwardian era and romantic --lots of lace, ruffles, and frills, just in dark tones like black, burgundy, and eggplant. (I do, however, recommend using in small doses, so as to not look like you are in costume.)

And speaking of lace, back when we were discussing trend for spring, I also mentioned lace back then. Well, yknow, it still holds true. I guess we just haven't gotten enough of it. The key to wearing lace in the fall is to have it be a detail in a layered outfit: a lace-trimmed cami peeking out form beneath a sweater, lace tights under a tweed skirt, a lacy blouse paired with a velvet blazer.

(and one to grow on...) Bright Coats
Bright Coats

There is something about cooler weather that intrinsically makes us slink back to wearing darker colors. Subconsciously, we think a black sweater will keep us warmer than the same white sweater, and of course those chocolate brown pants will keep us toastier than the same pair in khaki. But in a sea of darkness, a nice bright coat is like a beacon of hope; a reminder that, yes!, we are still our happy selves and totally not preparing to hibernate all winter long. (Because yes, in my mind, fall is just Winter: the Introduction.) Bright coats just scream cheerfulness, and really, we could all use a little more cheer in our lives, no?


  1. Great picks :)

    I'm looking forward to adding polka dots to my autumn wardrobe.

  2. I love all of your picks. I noticed that a lot of the looks that I wore in the late 80s/early 90s are back too!

    Polka dots and mustard are definites for me this Fall.

  3. There's so many pretty things in your post! I love the idea of more green things, especially jade. It looks great with cobalt too, in case you wanted to add that to your list! Great post!

  4. @Emily: i just bought myself a cute blouse that sorta of hits on both polkadots and lace. perfect for the season!

    @Candy: glad im not the only one who got that 90s vibe! i guess its true that fashion takes a 20-year cycle!

    @Sam: (that's my name too!) jewel tones are fabulous all-around, arent they?! im looking forward to all of them, but green always wins in my book. :)

  5. You covered the trends so well. Yes the 90s are back with vengeance!

  6. @Kimberlee: knowing the trends and being able to follow them have always been very different things for me. but i think i can throw a flannel over everything and still be fashionable, right? heh

  7. I'm so excited about the polkadot trend this fall I can't contain myself!

  8. I like the mustard and jade colors.

  9. @Rebecca: jewel tones in general are pretty fabulous, no? but jade really has my heart this season. and i have been hunting down the perfect mustard pieces for a few years now...

  10. Wow! I love your picks. I am 50 (50!) this month and everyone always says if you were around for the first time something was a trend, don't wear it. What do you think about that?

    BTW I love the way Kate Middleton dresses.

  11. @Lesa: as a general rule, i do NOT believe that. i DO think that however you wore something 20-30 years ago is probably not how you should wear it now. instead of looking stylish, you will most likely just look dated.

    however, i think most trends can be made age-appropriate and figure-flattering. for example, maybe a tiny young thing can sport a mini skirt with a half-shirt, but a lady-of-a-certain-age can still get away with a mini. maybe that means pairing it with some opaque hose, boots, and a sweater instead.

    also, i think attitude has a LOT to do with "pulling off" any look. if you love it and decide you can rock it, then you can! i have worn a few outfits that i was questionable about at first, but after deciding i loved the look, i went out in it anyway. and yknow what? that attitude came across, and i ended up getting compliments from people!

    all that said, not ALL trends are for everyone. if something doesnt work with your personal style, or if you cant find a version that suits your body type, or if you just dont feel confident in a look for some reason or another, its totally ok to just skip it altogether.

  12. Love love love the mustard and jade.. those are definitely going to be my fall colors this year.

    And, uh yeah, I definitely wore flannel and birkenstocks at a point in my life ... a low one, but a point nonetheless!

  13. @Megan: i am still guilty of throwing on the Angela Chase look from time to time. and i didnt even splurge for real birks -- i just bought a pair of little boys sandals from walmart -- but LORD i loved those sandals!