Friday, April 8, 2011

Friend Friday...

Welcome to this week's edition of Friend Fridays, sponsored by ModlyChic.

What are the top 5 Spring trends that you are looking forward to seeing/sporting this season? (Can be anything from makeup, shoes, accessories, clothing, etc..)

(1) Eclectic Chic:
Basically, this is just pattern and texture mixing, something we have been doing forever anyway! I've been trying to push my own personal boundaries and experimenting more with different, interesting combinations, and I'm looking forward to having more patterns to play with this spring.

(2) Bold Color:
Citrus colors, especially, are bit this spring -- orange is all over the place! I guess I was just ahead of the trend with my orange wedding shoes. No matter the color family, I am a huge fan of bright color pairings.

(3) Stripes:
Stripes are back again this Spring, so many fashionistas will already have a jump on this trend. I spent half my workday yesterday trying to decide if I'm willing to dish out $70 plus shipping for this nautical military jacket.

(4) Maxi Skirts and Dresses:
While "midi" skirts and dresses are on the rise this season, maxis are still front and center. To me, maxis are like the pajamas of fashion, only appropriate to leave the house in! (Coincidentally, "pajama style" also seems to be a trend this Spring.) I love that a maxi can take you from office to evening to weekend, all just by swapping out some accessories. Plus, any piece of clothing that lets me get away with not shaving is a bonus, in my book.

(5) Embrace Lace:
Along with lace, I am also bundling in anything flowy, flirty, floral, and feminine. Lace is something totally new to me, so I'm excited for this trend. I never imagined I would choose a lace wedding gown, but once I saw it, I was in love. (Ahead of the trend again, I guess!) I think I am really starting to embrace my more feminine side, and lace and florals have been floating through my mind.


  1. I love the eclectic look too. I do lots of pattern mixing but perhaps I should try a bit more texture mixing too.

  2. @The Fashion Buzz: i am no master at mixing, but i do notice that the outfits i am most proud of are ones where i have mixed patterns, textures, and colors. i am still in the trial-and-error phase, but it is fun!