Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Style...

OK kids, sorry for the lack of posts, but thanks to the "Blizzard of 2010," I haven't been to work or much outside of my house for almost a week now, I haven't really been getting dressed or wearing anything blog-worthy.
Dear fiance and I took the one-block walk to the grocery store a few days ago when the first round of snow hit us, only to find that everything was closed -- everything in the shopping center except the beer store, that is! And to the delight of both of us, they actually sell both of our favorite beers, which are both a little tougher to find. *YAY!*


This is the amazing style I was sporting while trudging along through knee-deep snow (they hadn't even gotten around to clearing off the sidewalks yet, let along the streets before we decided to make a break for it!)

I love my polka-dot rain boots, which I bought last year from Laila Rowe -- if you have one of these stores near you, I *highly* recommend you check them out. They have accessories coming out the wazoo! I own probably half of everything in their stores.

But really, my favorite part of my snow fashion is this awesome knitted dragon hat:


I bought this hat from smittenwithyarn's etsy shop -- it was originally intended as part of my halloween costume, but I knew when I bought it that it would get more wearing than just as part of a costume. She also knitted me some matching, elbow-length fingerless gloves, but I didn't wear them in the snow, and don't have a photo of those onhand to share with you. But as a seller, I would definitely recommend her!

And since every snow day blog requires the obligatory silly shot, I share with you this one:


Yes, that's right -- I'm riding in a shopping cart. The grocery store was closed, and their parking lot was halfway plowed, so I hopped in and the fiance pushed me around bobsled-style. Thankfully I didn't topple over, as I really am a cry-baby and probably would have been sad and pathetic for the rest of the day. Our fun was quickly cut short, however, by the snow plows returning to clear off the rest of the parking lot.
I did get some great photos of dear fiance, but since he is a private guy, I will restrain myself from posting his images here. Rest assured, he's a cutie, and he's silly in the snow too!


  1. It looks like you are having so much fun.

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  2. thankyou! it was lovely to have the day -- heck, the whole week! -- off work as a bday gift. :)

  3. Happy early (or late)Birthday! ... and this snow can be rather fun!

  4. Thanks for joining the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge look forward to seeing your outfits.

  5. That dragon hat is so cute! I love it!

  6. You are too funny - I love the shopping cart picture! That looks like a LOT of snow - I hope you are staying safe and warm!