Friday, June 10, 2011

Friend Friday...

Welcome to this week's edition of Friend Fridays, sponsored by ModlyChic.

What are the top 5 Summer trends that you are looking forward to wearing this season? (Can be anything from makeup, shoes, accessories, clothing, etc...)

I actually found more than five summer trends that I'm diggin, so here is a whopping eight of them!

(1) Fly Away with Feathers

Feathers are a huge trend for Summer 2011. You see them everywhere from earrings, to headbands, to necklaces, and most recently, people are sporting temporary feather hair extensions. I love that this trend is simultaneously soft and natural while also being totally rocker-chic and bad-ass.

(2) Bright Bottoms
Bright Pants

Bright pants, especially colored denim, is a big trend this Summer.
Personally, I'm not so sure I will be buying a pair hot pink jeans anytime soon, but I could definitely see myself picking up a pair of chinos or work trousers in a Kelly green or Cobalt blue.

(3) Braid it Out

Ladies, braids are everywhere. Well, everywhere except on MY head (that's sort of the downfall of super-short hair).
Everything from french braids to cornrows, milkmaid braids to fishtails.
I have seriously been feeming for some long hair, just so I can play around with this one. Besides, braids are the perfect summer hairdo: you can dress them up or down, they keep your hair out of your face and off your neck, and they are the perfect hairdo when your hair *should* be washed but you really just cant be bothered.

(4) Pleats and Thank You

Gals, these are NOT your mother's pleats.
(OK, maybe they are your grandma's, but not your mother's!)
I'm seriously in LOVE with the ASOS skirt pictured above, but pleats are also popping up on dresses, tops, and even pants!

(5) The Long and Shorts of It

I admit that I haven't owned a pair of shorts (outside of my husband's old soccer shorts, which I only wear for exercising, painting, and cleaning) in several years. I have heavier thighs, so I just thought they were a fashion no-no for me. But with all the styles of shorts available, it's just not true -- everyone can wear shorts!
Hack off your old jeans and make yourself a pair of jorts. Class it up with a crisp pair of bermudas. Go girly with a high-waisted scallop-hemmed pair, or dress them up with a blouse and heels.

(6) White Hot

White is a cool trend left over from Spring that has caught fire for Summer.
It is a great neutral for hot weather since it doesn't attract the sun the way black, navy, and brown does. It pops better than olive or khaki. Maybe it's the fact that with our hectic lifestyles whites have so much potential to become NOT white, but there is just something about it that screams crisp, polished, and put-together.

(7) Join the Tribe

Tribal prints, most notably Ikat, were all over the runways, but you can find them everywhere in every price range. Tops, tanks, skirts, shorts, dresses -- even jewelry, scarves, and purses. Tribal prints are great for summer if for no other reason than, when the heat is on and you want to wear the least amount possible, these prints are so vibrant that you can ease up on accessories. Sure, you CAN layer on the jewelry, but it's always nice to be able to throw on a dress that does all the work for you.

(8) All that Glitters is Gold

Some of you may argue that gold isn't a trend, since it has always been around, but as a self-confessed silver-phile (Sal can understand me on this one, since she is as obsessive about silver as I am), I have recently found gold appealing to me in a way that it hasn't in years. I have very few gold pieces, but I recently picked up a gorgeous set of gold bangles and a few gold chain-link bracelets that I have in mind for a certain DIY project. I've also been keeping my eyes open for gold earrings and necklaces.

What about you, readers? Have these trends piqued your interest?
Are there other trends that you're itching to try out for summer?
Do any of the trends I've mentioned make you break out in hives?
Share your thoughts!


  1. Love ALL of your choices!!! Can't choose which is my favourite! Great post :)

  2. Love your picks and I am personally loving the feather trend! It's totally random but so much fun too. - Katy

  3. @Shopgirl: im in LOVE with braids, but since my hair is super-short, its a trend i cant really partake in. the feathers, pleats, tribals, and gold are all really piquing my interest lately.

    @KT: i especially love that the feather trend can be interpreted so many different ways, and that it can be subtle or totally stand-out!