Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together...

First up, thanks to all of you who have sent good vibes, prayers, and well-wishes out to my dad. I am happy to report that he is now home and recovering. Aside from being basically malnourished and dehydrated (he REALLY doesn't take proper care of himself) the reason he couldn't walk was attributed to "neurological neuropathy from acute spinal arthritis." He spent a week and a half in the rehab section of a nursing home and has not only graduated to using a walker, but he is moving walker-free around the house! He only needs the walker for longer outings.
Needless to say, I am SO RELIEVED about his progress.

Now, onto something more frivolous: clothes!!


Blouse: Heritage 1981 via Reddz Trading
Cardi: Target
Pants: Marshall's?
Shoes: Aeropostale
Cami: Kohl's
Earrings: I forgot earrings! oh no!!


I really love it when I throw on an outfit with little effort and minimal accessorizing and it turns out looking put-together and polished. (Though, after looking at these photos, I think I have made the decision to always wear my nude cami under this top, instead of white.)
I am totally in love with this new-to-me blouse. I love the reddish-coral color (which also happens to be big for spring/summer) and I love that it has not one, but 2 shades of blue in it (aqua and true-blue) so it pairs so beautifully with this aqua cardi. I also love the dainty pleats up near the neckline.

Tonight I am going to my second-ever blogger meetup.
Just two months ago, I attended my first meetup, where I got to meet the lovely Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen, and I also met a handful of new-to-me DC-area bloggers.
I am looking forward to seeing some of these gorgeous gals again tonight and hopefully meeting a few more new-to-me blogs. I love expanding my personal blogosphere! (Of course, being the ever-responsible blogger that I am, I totally forgot to bring my camera today. Oh well -- I'm sure there will be plenty of photos to be shared!)
So ladies, if you are a DC-area fashion or beauty blogger (or heck, even if you don't have your own blog, but want to be in on some DC-area fashion and beauty happenings), check out the newly-launched DC FABB site. There is a link to a list of other DC-area bloggers as well as a tab that lists upcoming meetups and events.


  1. So glad to hear your dad is doing better!

    I love the red and turquoise together in your outfit, you look beautiful! Have fun at the meet-up!

  2. It was great to meet you at the DC Fabb event! Thanks for the pep talk about stopping people for street style photos...working up the courage!


  3. @Melissa: thanks, i felt great in this outfit! and the meetup was a blast.

    @Brea: it was great to meet you! i will be keeping an eye out for your street style posts. ;)

  4. LOVE this top and the colors her are fantastic. Did you do a blog redesign lately? I love the grey and green together! Glad to hear your dad is on the upswing.

  5. @Taylor: yes, i did a little redesign, though ideally, i would really love to have something custom. i just dont know how to do that stuff myself -- any offerors out there?? ;)

  6. Oooh, I'm digging the color combination of cyan and red! It's so bright and playful.

  7. @Tia: thanks for checking out my blog! hope to see you back here. :)