Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Would You Do...

Hey Dolls, I'm asking you lovely, fashionable ladies for your opinion.
If you could get a subscription to any fashion/beauty magazine, which one would you get?
My adorable nephew is selling subscriptions as a fundraiser for his school, and I want to be a good, supportive auntie. I have never had a fashion magazine subscription before (other than good ol Seventeen magazine, back in the day), so I'm not really sure which one to go for. I'm looking for something along the lines of good, affordable fashion for 30-somethings. You gals see what my style is like -- which magazine do you think would suit me best?

Thanks in advance!


  1. I subscribe to Lucky, Glamour, InStyle, and Real Simple and always pick up People StyleWatch at Kroger. Out of all of those I REALLY like InStyle the best.

  2. My favorite is Glamour. I like InStyle and Lucky, but they seem to have too many things that are out of my price range! I also really enjoy the articles in Glamour- good luck!

  3. I enjoy Elle, but as I don't read any others I'm not getting any comparisons!

  4. i ended up going for both Glamour and In Style. the fundraiser didnt have Lucky, and from all the other fashion- and beauty-related options, those 2 seemed to jive best with my style and finances.
    thanks for your feedback, ladies!