Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ta-Ta Tights...

This outfit was supposed to include a pair of tights (the same Spanx pair, worn last week in this post) but alas, having worn them only once before, when I was putting them on this morning, my finger went RIGHT THROUGH THEM, thus relegating them to the garbage. Thankfully it was relatively warm outside, since I didn't have time to dig out another pair or find pants to put on instead.
I am considering writing to the company -- Spanx is a reputable brand, and I would expect their product to be a lot sturdier. I am smack-dab in the middle of the size range for the pair I had, so it's not like I was stretching them to their limit.
What do you ladies think?
Should I write to the company? Do you think they would respond?


Top: NY&Co
Skirt (with built-in shorts): Land's End, thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Claire's

This outfit felt very *blah* all day without the tights.
Looking at this photo, I'm not sure if the top is too tight, if my pose is awkward, or if maybe I really am more of a pear/inverted triangle shape than I believed myself to be. But I feel as though this outfit is really emphasizing my midsection, and not in a good way. Suggestions?


  1. I really like this combination personally (but you know me and my infinity for green!) Those shoes are super cute too! Did you recently get this shirt? Because I kind of want to go and buy it. For me - I wear skin hugging camis almost everyday under everything. Under thinner shirts (like this one) I would wear one that does not have a bra built in - New York and Company sells the thins ones in a variety of colors that I like. Kohls also sells them and I am sure that you could find something similar at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross. You look cute!

  2. I meant to say affinity - watching tv and blogging is not the best combination.

    Second - I wanted to say that I think that the camis smooth everything out and make me feel more put together.

  3. I'm really surprised your Spanx tights didn't hold up better. I have a couple of pairs (luckily scored at TJ Maxx for half price!) and they have held up wonderfully.

    That top is super cute - love the detailing at the neckline!

  4. What a bummer! I'm also really surprised to hear that your Spanx didn't hold up. Mine have lasted a long time & seem quite high quality. How many times have you worn yours? I think it's worth contacting the company... the worst that could happen is that they wouldn't do anything and you'd be no worse off than now.

    I love the ruffle detailing on that top - it's not "blah" at all!

    One idea is that maybe the top is a little long for this particular skirt since it's above knee level. I feel better when I either tuck in tops of that length (though it's not a foolproof look for me because I'm incredibly short-waisted) or, if I wear it over the skirt like you're doing, I add a structured piece (like a jacket) or a piece that creates a longer, vertical line (like a belted cardigan.) I've been pretty inspired by A. on Academichic (such as this and this. I don't know if that helps at all!

  5. rose: i got the top within the last few months, so some stores may have it on clearance (or maybe online) but i havent seen it in a store recently.

    kimberly: thankfully i also paid half-price for my spanx at marshalls. i might head back there to see if i can get another pair + be a little gentler with them.

    kari: i literally only worn them once. yesterday would have been the second time, but they died while getting them on. i also dont tuck tops in very often because it makes me look short-waisted. i need to build up my supply of cardigans, but i think that may be the answer -- wearing something over top to create that vertical line down the center.

    thanks for your comments ladies!

  6. I love the neckline on that shirt. So adorable.

  7. I would contact them. It could be a bad batch. I would contact them not intending to get refunded. That way you won't be disappointed if you don't.