Saturday, January 23, 2010


Since all you have seen from me so far are outfits I have worn to work, I finally decided to snap a few photos from a weekend outfit. On the one hand, I don't think I put as much thought into pulling a real "look" together on the weekend (unless I actually have plans). But on the other hand, I feel like I'm more free to dress the way I want and be myself on the weekend. It's a bit counter-productive, I suppose.


Thermal Tee: Tenacis D Concert
Jeans: Levi's (overdyed by me)
Boots: Torrid
Knit Beret: Torrid
Earrings: NY&Co
Cuff: Claire's?

I *FINALLY* found myself a pair of flat, faux suede, slouch boots that not only fit over my calves, but are actually large enough to fit over my jeans too! It's a look I have really loved on other bloggers and wished for quite some time that I could replicate myself, but until last week I couldn't find any boots that would work. Ideally, I really wanted brown boots, but all they had in the store was black, so I jumped on them. (I let my mommy know I wanted the brown ones, which are still being sold online, so hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised!)

I got this thermal tee at a Tenacious D concert many a moon ago. I love Jack Black, and was really surprised to find out that the man actually has some serious musical talent!
What you maybe haven't been able to tell from my blog thus far is that at heart, I'm really a rocker chick. Yes, I'm the girl who, back in high school, hung out with all the stoner kids and wore dog collars to the mall. Actually, I'm pretty sure I still have a spiked collar in a random jewelry box somewhere...

What are your thoughts on this beret?
I don't often wear hats because I think with my short hair and the extra weight I've got in my face/neck area, they generally just aren't very attractive on me. But I didn't have time to wash and dry my hair this morning, and we had a long day of starting to pack up the house for our move next weekend -- so I really didn't want to be pushing my hair out of my face all day. I still wanted to look kinda cute, so I threw on this knitted beret that was a last-minute purchase (at the same time I was buying the boots). Sadly, when I came downstairs after getting dressed, my fiance took one look at me and started laughing... I'm thinking he wasn't a fan. I didn't really love it at first, but I think it has grown on me -- surely its more stylish than my usual solution of just clipping it back to keep it out of the way.
What say you?


  1. I'm a rocker chick at heart too. I have so many band t-shirts, I don't know what to do with them!
    I love the look. I'd totally wear it!

  2. (Raises hand) I'm also a member of the large calf club. It's so exciting to find boots that fit perfectly! I love how sleek they look even though they are a slouch style.

    I've grown to like hats, though I don't usually wear them all day (technically I'm not supposed to wear them in the office at work.) I like to wear my black beret in kind of a slouchy/off-center style. Keep wearing it to see if you like it more over time - it's cute!

  3. I have to admit that after reading this post, I immediately ordered the boots you are wearing, but in brown. I received them yesterday, and they fit wonderfully! I am short, so they come up a bit over the knee, but are super comfortable. The reason I am excited enough to comment about this on your post is because I ordered SIX DIFFERENT PAIRS of "wide calf" boots from this winter and NONE of them fit better than the stretch ones I bought at Payless last year (which means, not that great: impossible to zip up without a wire hanger and painful bunching of the zipper on my ankle).

    So, I wrote all of that to tell you this: thanks! Rock on!

  4. The worst thing about boots -- fitting the width of my

    I love the beret.