Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Very First Outfit Post...

That's right ladies and germs, here it is: my very first outfit post! It might not rock the world of fashion, but it's an exciting even for little me.

For my first outfit post, I'm sharing an outfit inspired by the Inspiration Calendar created by the lovely Kimberly over at Fab Finds Under $50.
Monday's theme called for Color Combo: Purple & Orange so I went with it.


Cardi: TJ Maxx (I don't recall the brand)
Black Tshirt: H&M
Khaki Pants: NY&Co.
Shoes: Vera Wang for Kohl's
Scarf: I don't recall -- probably Claire's
Earrings (unseen): Claire's
Necklace: made by a friend

(apologies for the creased pants -- for now, photos are being taken after work)

When I bought this cardigan, I wasn't sure how often I would wear it since the orange is a little bright for my skin tone. (I'm really quite terrible at knowing which shades of which colors look good on me, so more often than not, I just wear the colors I am drawn to and hope they "work.") I think wearing the darker color top beneath the cardi helped subdue the brighness of the orange and made it manageable.

I didn't wear the scarf for most of the day because I wanted to world to see this lovely necklace made by a friend of mine. I don't own much purple jewelry, but I loved the beads in this one, so I just had to snatch it up.
When I did have the scarf on, I tied it using the new-to-me knot that I learned here. I always get compliments from the ladies at work on the way I tie my scarves, and the funny thing is that I really don't know any actual knots -- I just mess with them until I like how they look. Thanks to Kimberly for pointing out this video. Now I can share the knowledge with other fashionable ladies!

These shoes are to DIE for. It's hard to tell, but they are really a very deep aubergine color, not black. Purple suede heels had been on my WANT list for a while, and while these aren't suede, as soon as I saw them (and saw that they were only $30!) I decided that they were sufficient to fill the void. I have a tough time with heels because no matter the quality of the shoe, they *always* end up hurting my feet. But these do surprisingly well. I still wouldn't run marathons in them, but I can sport them around the office and not want to throw them out the window when I get home. (I suppose that it helps that I sit at the desk most of the day and wear "comfy shoes" for walking to and from the office.)

Since I still very much consider myself a student/novice in this fashion blogosphere, I openly welcome constructive comments from you wonderful ladies (and gents!) who have already established yourselves here. Since you are my reason for starting this blog in the first place, I invite your comments on anything and everything -- colors, fit, style, you name it! I'm here to learn and maybe even teach others who can learn from my mistakes -- and I expect I will make plenty of them!


  1. The belted cardigan looks great on you! I also think that the orange works. I have those khakis (or ones similar to those from New York and Company) and I also end up with lots of wrinkles. I would love advice for those of you that can find some wrinkle free khakis! You look great Sam... and the shoes rock!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!! Also, great color combo and so happy you love the scarf knot. It's awesome, isn't it?!

  3. I love this look, and that color combo looks great! Maybe I should try pairing purple with my orange Fluevogs?