Monday, June 14, 2010

Black-Out Challenge, Day Five...

Though the challenge technically lasted for a full week, I rarely take weekend photos, so Friday was the end of the challenge for me. For the record, I wore no black on Saturday, but I did finally wear black on Sunday: I wasn't feeling well, and the brown comfy-pants that I had been vegging out in really needed to be washed, so I ended up wearing their black counterparts. So really, I was *thisclose* to going completely blackless for the full week.


Dress: Anne Taylor Loft
Earrings: Claire's
Necklace: bought from a friend
Thin Bangle: thrifted
Thick Bangle: Claire's
Shoes (not pictured): given to me by a friend


Despite the photographic evidence showing otherwise, there were shoes in this outfit. However, it was a GORGEOUS day outside, and I just didn't feel like wearing them come picture time. Plus, this is much closer to how I wore the outfit all day -- the shoes were kicked off under my desk 99% of the day. Anywho, they were nude wedges. Nothing exciting, but I'm not sure that they've made it onto the blog before (or at least not recently) so maybe I should have snapped them. Oh well -- can you forgive me??cl


  1. LOL. Love that you took the pic without your shoes. I am wearing a very similar dress today.

  2. I have seen this dress on a lot of people, and hands-down you look the best of all of them. LOVE the color, love the shoulders on you!

  3. Love the green and yellow here! It seems in theory such a simple combo but you make it look GREAT!

  4. That is a very flattering dress on you, both in colour and style. Lovely!

  5. this green with the subtle pops of yellow looks amazing on you.