Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black-Out Challenge, Day One...

I almost ended up with a belt that had black in today because the buckle is blue and I think of it as my blue belt. Glad I caught that detail in time, since I'm planning on going totally and completely black-less!


Dress: NY&Co
Belt: NY&Co
Shoes: Fioni, thifted
Necklace: Laila Rowe
Earrings: very old


I have further challenged myself to try to avoid neutrals as much as possible during this challenge, with one exception: white. I don't really think of white as a neutral, though it is. In spring and summer (whose door we are knocking on!) white just lifts an outfit to a different level of cheeriness.
While this outfit has no white in it, you will be seeing some tomorrow!

Totally unrelated, I had a few days of outfit photos and even a product review all lined up for you, but now those pictures are nowhere to be found. Not on the camera, not in the Flickr, not on the home or work computers.
How Bizarre.
Anywho, if you're interested in my review of The Morbid The Merrier, just sneak over to Hillary's review, since hers has images. I pretty much second everything she said about the perfume solids. I ordered Dessert Absynthe, Natali, and Black Leather, and seriously, I can't stop sniffing my own wrists when I wear these scents.


  1. You look beautiful! What an awesome job- and I am jealous that you are going all black-free. I can't since I am doing this challenge AND jane's capsule challenge, and I picked some black accessories and a skirt with black in the pattern...

  2. this is a great color combo! :)

    Love that necklace. I got a few pieces from Laila Rowe a few years ago when I went to NY for a weekend. I stopped in the store across from Grand Central and was in accessory heaven! LOL

  3. I give you made props for attempting to go "black-free". I don't think - make that I know - I couldn't do it! Love the mix of colors that you have going on here!

  4. Loving all the brights here! Those shoes are great (I think I have said as much before).

  5. I love that you are completely avoiding neutrals and really embracing the challenge - great look!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. This is so pretty! I also am trying to do no neutrals...but I have 1 beige piece (but I'm also doing a 5 clothing items only challenge this week as well).

  7. This is such a pretty color palette, and those shoes are fab!

  8. I LOVE this entire outfit! The cut, the colors, everything. Especially those shoes...