Friday, June 18, 2010


I have not taken any outfit photos for you this week. You see, I unexpectedly had an AMAZING start to the week by making last-minute plans to have dinner two nights in a row with lovely ladies who I haven't seen but maybe once in the last decade!
My friend Erin and I went to high school together, and I have literally only seen her once in 14 years -- and that was when I just ran into her while shopping. We only spoke for like 30 seconds before we had to be on our way, and we weren't able to exchange contact info before doing so. Thankfully, we got back in touch recently, and I had dinner with her Monday night.
I went to college with Joi, and I have also seen her only once since then. I didn't even know she was in town until she sent me a message Tuesday afternoon, so I quickly arranged plans for her to come over for dinner. (Thankfully, I actually had something thawed out in the fridge to cook!)

It was wonderful to be able to catch up with these two lovely ladies, and they are the reason that I feel not-at-all guilty about not snapping any photos for you.

What I will offer you in the meantime, until I get to taking pictures again is this website that was pointed out to me by a friend.
Jamie is an 18 year old student who has just graduated high school and has lived the last month of her life according to the rules, tips, and tricks out lined in Seventeen magazine. The goal of her project is to explore what she calls "a dying aspect of teenage culture." She wears what the magazine tells her to wear, performs the beauty rituals the magazine prescribes, and does the activities it recommends. Meanwhile, the blog serves as her outlet for her own thoughts, feelings, and ruminations on the outcomes and connotations of the assumptions and tones of the magazine.
I find her to be a very perceptive and intelligent girl, and her blog makes for sometimes funny and often thought-provoking reading.

I find this project fascinating.
If you are interested too, check her out at The Seventeen Magazine Project.

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