Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Black-Out Challenge...

Sal over at Already Pretty has challenged herself to go 2 solid months without wearing black. No black at all. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. NONE.
She has invited everyone to play along with her for the week of June 7 through June 14. You can choose whether or not to allow black in your shoes and accessories, but the main rules are simple: no black in your outfit! (Black is allowed within patterns, but not as the predominant color.)

I have never been a person to idolize black as the perfect neutral. Sure, I own plenty of it and love it as most gals do, but I have always been content to wear gray, brown, tan, or any other neutral just as much as black. In fact, I actually prefer brown and gray as neutrals, since they are softer on me and I think they offer a little more depth and variety than black does.

I tend to wear a lot more color in the warmer summer months than I do in the winter. So in theory, I don't think this challenge will be too tough for me. I just need to be more conscious of my use of black than I normally am. I think, if this first week isn't a problem for me, I might stretch out my part of the challenge.
Of course, maybe the week will end up being WAY harder than I expect.
I love a challenge!

If you're interested in joining up with Sal's challenge, peep the deets here. I can't wait to see everyone's creativity!


  1. I feel much the same about black - it's not a die-hard wardrobe staple for me at all. I'm doing the challenge too!

  2. Sounds like fun - I think I'll be able to play along too.