Friday, March 11, 2011

Friend Friday...

Welcome to this week's edition of Friend Fridays, sponsored by ModlyChic.

1. When it comes to prioritizing your life, in what place does
blogging fall?

While I love my blog and taking pictures and writing posts, blogging falls pretty close to the bottom of my list of priorities. My husband, My family and friends, my job, my health, and a million other things are more important to me. My blog is for fun -- and fun is important -- but only after my other priorities are tended to first.
That said, if someone wanted to pay me to work on my blog full-time as my job, I think it would suddenly jump much higher on my list! ;)

2. We all wish we had more free time to dedicate to blogging and all
it entails. What are your tricks for taking advantage of the time you
do have to be as productive as possible?

If I have down-time at work, I try to whip up an entry or two or brainstorm/research an idea I might want to do a post on.
At home, I try to blog while catching up on my tv shows.
Also, now that we are getting FBFF questions ahead of time, I can write these posts up early and schedule them to go out on time!

3. Have you discovered any short-cuts that makes blogging easier or
more time efficient?

I recently discovered the Blogger app for Android, so now I can blog when I'm not near the computer! I've only used it once or twice so far, but I can see this being really handy if I want to blog something, say, while I'm out shopping or on vacation!

4. Do you have an editorial calendar or something similar that helps
you plan ahead?

Nada. Nothing like that. I'm totally not that regimented or organized in my blogging. I love the bloggers who I can rely on for posts, but I'm just not there yet with my own blog.

5. If time wasn’t an issue what you would be doing on your blog/for
your blog that you aren’t doing now?

Daily posts! There are other reasons in addition to just the time why I'm not posting more often now (cold weather, lack of indoor space, lack of money, etc.) but if I have more time, I could at least research and write up more posts other than my own outfit posts.

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