Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Save Big on Big Style...

Hey dolls! I just saved myself some money on some fun nail art, and I wanted to share.
If you're into nail color and nail art, then you have probably heard of nail shields or nail strips -- they are basically strips of color/pattern that you can apply to your nails instead of painting them. (Hillary and Kirstin Marie have both blogged about the Sally Hansen brand before.)
Also, I'm sure many of you are familiar with companies like Groupon and Living Social -- websites where you can save a large percentage on products and services that are featured daily.

Well, another similar site is KGB Deals. Basically the same deal: you sign up for their emails and select your location. When an offer pops up that you like, you save big bucks! Easy as pie.
Well, today's KGB deal is on Jamberry Nail Shields. I hadn't heard of this company or product before, but it seems to be more or less the same idea as the Sally Hansen nail strips. I have wanted to try them out before, but I had heard mixed reviews about them and wasn't really willing to spend $10+ on something that may or may not work for me.
Using today's KGB deal, you can get $15 worth of Jamberry shields for $7.50 -- half price. According to Jamberry's website, this will buy you one sheet of shields, which should cover 2-3 sets of hands or feet (yes, you can use them on your toes too).
I checked out the website and love some of the patterns they offer, so I bought myself a few of these deals so I can try them out!

If you're interested in trying them out too, click here to purchase! (By purchasing via this link, I will earn a nominal rewards fee.)

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