Monday, July 19, 2010

All the Colors Mix Together to Grey...

I bought this top to wear to see my friend's band (aka my wedding band!) play out in Ocean City, MD -- dear fiance and I had taken off the Friday before July 4th to have an extra long weekend. I realized I could also make this top work appropriate, if I mixed it with the right pieces. Remove the booty-jeans and instead wear capris. Slash the flashy earrings and go with something a little more subdued. I probably should have worn a cardi with it also, but I'm a rebel, and I like to push the limits that are imposed upon me.


Top: Forever 21
Capris: Target
Shoes: Aeropostale
Earrings: NY&Co?


I haven't worn these capris much this summer (I also have them in black) because I remember last year deciding that I need to do something with them to make them more flattering. I'm thinking that I need to take them in inch or two shorter, and possibly also have the hem brought in just a smidge, to taper just a bit. I do like how these pants fit, but the bottoms just aren't quite right. What do you gals think -- what alterations would make these perfect?


  1. The detailing on that neckline is simply gorgeous!

    And I think your suggested alterations to the capris sound great. Maybe pin them up to make sure?

  2. I agree with the proposed alterations -- capri pants are tricky things to get right when you aren't 6' 5".

    I'm always pushing the limits of business causal - I love that top, it's definitely something I'd try to wear to the office.

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