Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspired by: Erin...

Last week, I inadvertently conjured Hillary in one of my outfits. This week, I have inadvertently channeled Erin.


Top: KMart
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Earrings: made by me


Now, this outfit isn't nearly as Erin is my Hillary outfit was Hillary. But here are the main connections I saw:
(1) Flowy top with cute detailing
(2) Super-cute piece bought for a super-amazing steal
(3) Mostly pretty and feminine, with a touch of rocker-chic
(4) thrifted gems
(5) DIY

Erin often wears pretty pieces that seem to just float on her. I happened to snatch this top at Kmart (along with that dress I wore last week) for just $10 -- not only is it floaty and gorgeous, it seems to be cut like it was made just for me. Now, I haven't often seen Erin in pencil skirts, but she does wear thrifted items quite a bit, and that's where the skirt ties in. The shoes too -- even though her shoes are normally funkier than a pair of peep-toes, I love these the way she loves her signature pieces.
Now, the earrings are where I really felt like I was channeling Erin. Not only are they DIY, but the little skulls toughen up the outfit just a hair. They are long and dangly, so still quite feminine, and most people probably didn't even notice how tough they truly are. But feeling a little Erin, I loved throwing on something a little edgy and unexpected with this otherwise pretty outfit.


  1. Bravo! Love the earrings and top. Would totally wear those. And I have been hunting for a pencil skirt for a while! But like you said, I want a bargain, so I haven't found one just yet, but I will!

  2. Love the top. And the shoes. And the skirt.

  3. You look marvelously ladylike!

  4. Lovely outfit~ The earrings are gorgeous.

  5. I love that top on you! I went to Kmart the other day and I didn't find any tops I liked. That one wasn't there!