Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Day Her Camera Died...

There was nothing groundbreaking about this outfit, other than the fact that it marks my first post wearing full pants in quite some time. The weather in the DC area has been super-sweltering this summer, and, as evidenced by this blog here, my summer uniform has consisted mainly of skirts and dresses.
Finally, we had a few days that took a break from the "kill me, it's so hot" sort of heat. It was more "my, it's quite warm outside, isn't it?" kind of hot instead.


Top: Old Navy
Pants: Marshall's?
Shoes: thrifted
Earrings: Target?


I attempted to get some other more detailed shots of the outfit, but my camera battery was literally breathing it's sad, pathetic last little breaths, just to get these shots. Quite literally -- I had to turn of the camera, wait, turn it back on, and grab a quit picture before the camera caught on to the fact that there was no juice left.
Yknow that scene from the second Hellboy movie where they reanimate the dead little tooth fairy to ask it a few more questions about the underground troll market? (Sure ya do, right?) Well, it was kinda like that to get these coupla shots.

So, instead of schmancy outfit shots, I shall distract you with pattern mixing (florals and stripes, oh me!) and these shoes, which you all seem to love so much.


  1. Love the striped pants. I hear you on the heat, I'm still waiting for the break/rain.

  2. I love the top--the print and color are great on you!

  3. Love that top on you! Hee, I can't even remember the last time I wore pants.