Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yet another new dress today, that almost never got worn!
I bought this dress from Target a few weeks ago, and because my fiance thinks it oogy to wear things that haven't yet been washed, I immediately threw this baby into the wash so I could wear it STAT. Yeah, you'd think I would know to read laundering instructions first.


Dress: Target
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: CATO
Earrings: Claire's


The day I originally planned on wearing this dress, I pulled it over my head, only to discover that this gorgeous beauty, which was already right at the limit of how short of a dress I would wear to work, had shrunk itself several inches. Tres Basic Instinct.
Of course, the label said to line dry. (What, you mean that's not a setting on my dryer?) As dear fiance and I were concocting a scheme to take said ruined dress back to Target, I decided to try one last effort: get the dress soaking wet, and hang dry, in hopes it would stretch itself back out to a decent length. That never works, right? So I thought, but it DID work, thus bringing you this purty little outfit.



  1. Love that dress! my mom told me that they were on sale a couple of weeks ago- I wish I would have seen that and gotten myself one! LOL

  2. You are a genius. I never would have thought to hang it to stretch. So glad it worked!

    I would have relegated it to my weekend wear or waited to wear it with tights for work.

    I love the purple and green together!

  3. This dress is beautiful. The colors look great on you. Thank goodness for a little ingenuity!

  4. Fabulous dress! The print is lovely~

    I try to read laundry directions before even purchasing.

  5. Okay, I need to go to Target RIGHT NOW and find that dress! The colors, OMG.

  6. So pretty! I'm glad you wear able to save it!

  7. I absolutely love this outfit its like something I'd wear...but better =-]