Friday, July 30, 2010

Fashion FAIL...

I. Hate. This. Outfit.

Seriously, can you tell by the look on my face that I just wasn't feeling it?


Top: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: American Eagle for Payless
Earrings: Old Navy
Necklace: Claire's?


This outfit started out with good intentions. Really, it did.
The skirt. You all seems to love it. I hadn't worn it in a while, plus it was hot. Seemed like the perfect time to pull it out. But alas, I almost Marilyn-Monroe-a-la-Seven-Year-Itched the DC Metro area several times.
And the shirt. I wanted to pull out the orange in the skirt for this wearing. But the so bright. and loose. and baggy. I was futzing with it all day.
And oh, little black shoes. I really need a new pair of black flats. Somehow, I manage to have gotten fat in the feet. Seriously people -- in the FEET. This day, my ankles were swollen for some reason, which makes my legs look *extra* stumpy, and really, I should have just worn heels. But no, I wore flats for comfort (I had been on my feet for several hours a few nights before at a reception for dear fiance's office and was not warned ahead of time that there would be no seating. DOH!) and my feet were still hurting.

So, this top has already been tossed onto the giveaway pile. The skirt is slowly crawling its way there, and I'm thinking these shoes are next.


  1. IDK what you are looking at???.. what size is that skirt.. and the shirt.. send it to me!! I think this look is pretty cute. I would have worn a smaller necklace (like a chunky something closer to the neck) .. but i think its pretty cute.

  2. Love the skirt! I think the whole outfit's pretty great, really. You could totally rock that with a more fitted top, and there's so many colors to work with in the skirt...don't rush to judge it! Oh, and if you do send it to me :)

    Plus if I saw you on the street even in the big orange top, I'd still be thinking -- there's a nicely dressed person.

  3. The colours are good, but the silhouette of the top doesn't work with the fullness of the skirt (it needs a more tailored top or a defined waist).

    But you know what? You still look great!

  4. What if you try tucking the shirt in and throwing a belt on?

    It's such a great color on you.

    And yes, feet can gain weight. Isn't that ridiculous?!

  5. I agree with Sheila, the loose top with the full skirt calls for a different silhouette. The colors look gorgeous on you though. I hope you give that skirt another try because it's lovely.

  6. I'm with melissa - tuck the shirt!
    But it sucks when you aren't happy with your outfit, it can ruin your whole day.

    I know some people who've disliked their outfit so much that they went into a shop and bought a whole new one and changed into it on the spot.

    Tomorrow will be better. :)

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Yep, everyone nailed it; it's just the shape of the top that doesn't work with the skirt. Tuck or wear one with a more fitted shape, and that skirt will have plenty of usage!

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  9. We all have those days - thanks for sharing still. :) I think this outfit is cute though - the shirt just seems too big for you? Maybe try tucking it into the skirt to hold it down and then see more of the pretty skirt!

    Sometimes, just not feeling any of my clothes and I want to go to work in my yoga pants! hah!

    Just found you blog - Enjoying it!

    MeggyD from