Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dress Your Best: Small Waist...

Day 2 outfit for the Dress Your Best Challenge:


Top: Marshall's?
Cami: Old Navy
Pants: Marshall's?
Shoes: Madden Girl
Necklace: Bought from a friend's jewelry party
Earrings: black coral from Curacao, gift


OK, kids, let's not kid ourselves -- I'm not a tiny gal. I used to be, but these days, I am smack-dab in plus-sized territory. But yknow what? That's ok. I still have a curvy figure and a tiny waist. And it's that tiny waist that I'm celebrating today.
Even when I was super-skinny, I have always had curves. I didn't necessarily have much up on top, but I always had hips and a little waist -- and I always loved that about myself. It makes me feel extremely feminine. I have an hourglass shape, which makes me think of the glamor of years gone by. Had I been around back in the 30s and 40s, I could have been a hollywood star on the soundstage of an MGM musical. I have just *that* kind of waistline.

This may not be the most exciting outfit I have worn on this blog, and I know I just wore this top about a week ago -- but I received several comments about how tiny it makes my waist look, so I figured it would be the perfect top to wear for this day, showcasing and celebrating just that.


  1. I love this on you and yes you do have a tiny waist! :) I like how you brought some speacialness to this outfit through the shoes and the necklace, good choices!

  2. You look fabulous. The shoes are super and link the whole outfit!!

  3. That is a super flattering top! Love the necklace too!

  4. I like the outfit, it's very classic and chic.
    Now those shoes however are an entirely different story. AMAZING!!!! I love them.

  5. Your waist looks very tiny here. I love it. You do not have to have bold outfits all the time. You live in the real world and plus your shoes and the pazazz to this simple and lovely outfit.

  6. That top is uber-flattering! I'm so glad that you still feel comfortable wearing form fitting clothes regardless of your size.

    And the necklace is divine!