Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lizzie the Lizard...

While this top photographs a little "expectant mother," in person, it wears beautifully blousy.


Top: H&M
Skirt: D'Rae's Closet
Shoes: NickelsSoft, thrifted
Cami: Forever XXI
Scarf: Icing by Claire's
Earrings: Claire's
Lizard Pins: thrifted, originally earrings, altered by me
Nail Polish: very old


These awesome lizard brooches were originally a pair of earrings. One hung by the head, and the other by the tail. Oh, how I wish I'd snapped a picture of me wearing them as intended before altering them into brooches. Really, they were totally hilarious.
I don't often wear yellow gold. It's not a color of metal that I think suit me. However, while I love metal-mixing on other bloggers, it's not something I've mastered yet myself, so I steer clear for now. Instead, I own just a few yellow-gold-colored pieces, just so I can accessorize with awesome stuff like these brooches.

I decided to give myself a home mani-pedi, since I have been in desperate need of one for months now. In an attempt to save money still for the wedding, I opted to give myself a manicure, and I decided to use this purple polish that has been in my collection for years. Seriously, y'all, I have had this bottle since high school? middle school maybe?
Dear fiance pointed out his concerns about makeup that was that old, but I assured him this rule didn't apply to nail polish. Which of course, got me thinking -- so long as it's still the proper texture to be used, DOES nail polish "go bad?" I was shocked that this bottle was still usable, but until he said something, it never entered my mind that it may be bad for me...
What say you?


  1. I have earrings like those lizards too! Mine both hung from the head, though. I also had a big brooch, but the tail broke off (and didn't grow back).

    Eh, if the nail polish isn't too goopy, I say go with it!

  2. I love the combo of the bright blue with purple! What a good idea with the earrings - I never wear big earrings so I just skip that section while thrifting but now I can transform them! Those lizards are awesome!

  3. Love the lizards!! I am shocked about the nail polish - I don't even like the consistency of some bottles I bought a year ago. However, I think it is works it is okay to use.

  4. Between the blue, purple, and the lizards, I'm getting a beachy Carribean vibe. Makes me want a vacation!

    As far as nail polish I figure as long as it's not thick and goopy it's good. ;) I only paint my toenails mostly (manicures never last long, I always mess it up within a few days) so I always have them for a long time.

  5. The only thing I would be concerned about is they used to put formaldehyde and other bad chemicals in nail polish and most companies don't now. Being as your hands touch your mouth so often I would toss it.