Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dress Your Best: Butt...

Day 5 outfit for the Dress Your Best Challenge:


Tshirt: Pixies concert Tee
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Etienne Aigner
Cuff: The Icing by Claire's
Earrings: Black Coral from Curacao

5-14-10-full 5-14-10-backside

Remember when all of my jeans died and I scored not one, but three pairs of awesome jeans? These Calvin Klein's were one of the pairs I brought home from my haul. These are definitely not sitting or eating jeans, but these are most definitely booty jeans!
I have always loved having a larger-than-average booty. A little junk in the trunk, if you will. Growing up as a dancer, I could totally shake it. Being on the hip hop team I was a part of this past year, my badonkadonk helped me show everyone that I've still got it! My fiance loves to climb the stairs behind me, just for the view -- and rarely does he do so without copping a feel. ;)

While I did wear a rear-end flattering outfit to work (something involving a pencil skirt -- I don't recall what exactly, since I was too exhausted to snap photos) I thought it would be more appropriate to celebrate my arse in these jeans, in a more casual ensemble. What does it say about me that I had no qualms about showing off the girls at work, but calling attention to my rear assets made me a bit nervous? Hrm...
Either way, thanks be to the bootay!


  1. I'm the polar opposite. I have no butt. I mean, mine is wide and all- but it's flat as a pancake. I always shop for jeans that make my butt look bigger. LOL

  2. If I had a but like yours i certainly would have it on show just like you.

  3. WORK THAT BOOTY. You go, girl. I love all the sass of the pocket detail.