Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Deals...

No outfit post, I'm afraid. It was such a gorgeous day outside yesterday that I did a little too much walking around outside, then when I got home, I instantly jumped into cooking dinner mode, then changed into comfy clothes and curled up with dear fiance to watch LOST. You didn't miss much, though. The outfit was OK, but I wasn't thrilled with it.

What I AM thrilled with, however, is today's Daily Deal on the Target website. I didn't realize that Target did this until I was browsing the site today (am I totally behind on this tidbit?) Here is the gist of it, straight from Target's website:

The crux of Daily Deals isn’t complicated: Fun cool stuff at mind-blowing low prices. But to be sure all goes smoothly and you get to max your savings without a hiccup, we figured answers to frequently asked questions were warranted.

How long are these great deals available?
For just 24 hours. But the great part is that amazing new deals are posted every day, and that includes weekends.

How many deals are there every day?
Up to five fabulous items are featured at a time.
What time do the next day’s deals appear? While most good sensible peeps are sleeping: Midnight. (PST)

Can I find these great deals at my local Target Store?
Nah, that’d be too easy. Daily Deals items are only available online.

How much does shipping cost?
Standard shipping is always free at Daily Deals, no joke. If you just have to get it sooner, see expedited shipping rates at Checkout.

Is there a limit on how many I can buy at these great prices?
Yes. We want as many people as possible to enjoy the great savings so we’ve limited purchases to five of each item.

What kinds of products get featured on Daily Deals?
We work hard to find cool, fun and unique items that we think you'll love. Items from almost any product category may be featured.

Can I return a Daily Deals item?
Yes, it’s easy and handled like any other purchase. See our Returns Policy for details or go to the Online Returns Center to get started.

Today's main daily deal is a BOGO for some gauchos. I was an avid member of the anti-gaucho movement until I ended up buying a seriously cheapo pair as a beach cover-up a few years ago. Then I was converted. They are comfy and really practical as a beach cover-up, for working out, cleaning house, lounging around...
I wouldn't recommend wearing them as actual fashion, though I did see one girl I know rock them with a rock-n-roll tank and a pair of stilettos.
Still at 2 pairs for $10 (and free shipping!) you know I'm picking up a few pairs!


  1. Good info! Imma go check these out.

  2. That is great to know! No, I hadn't ever browsed Target's Daily Deals, but I'll keep an eye out from now on. Thanks for the tip!

  3. you can actually register your email on their Daily Deals email list and get the deals delivered right to your inbox!