Thursday, March 25, 2010


When I was a little girl, whenever I didn't get my way, I would pout and stick my bottom lip out as far as it would go. My father used to tell me that if I stuck it out any farther, a fisherman was bound to hook me. He would then proceed to try to grab my lip, and I would forget about whatever I was upset about since I would be totally broken down in a hysterical giggle fit.


Dress: Target
Tights: Target?
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Belt: Marshall's
Earrings: Claire's?

After the amazingly gorgeous weather we had over the weekend, a few days of clouds, rain, and chilly air were cause for fishlips, indeed.
I bought this dress over the weekend at Target. The fit isn't exactly *perfect* for me, but I feel like it looked better in person than it does in the photographs. I am trying to build up my skirt and dress wardrobe, and I just loved the purple of the fabric. I also was pretty darned proud of myself for pairing these earrings with the dress, since the pattern on the dress is repeated in the earrings.

I got a trim last week, and my hairdresser started playing with my hair, trying to figure out a wedding style. I told her I want to look like me, but better. No growing long hair just so I can have an updo for one day. That might be for some people, but it's just not me.
In the process of playing with my hair she whipped out the curling iron -- something I haven't thought to do in AGES. I wasn't sure how my haircut would look with curls, but she gave me nice, loose waves instead of a tight curl. I absolutely love that adding a little curl to my hair gives it an entirely different look! While it won't be an everyday thing for me, you can definitely expect to see this look from time to time.


  1. This dress is exactly why I'm avoiding Target like the plague; I would buy it in a hot second and not think twice about it. It is absolutely beautiful and pairing it with those earrings keeps the focus not just on the purple but on the pattern as well.

  2. That story about you and your dad is so sweet!

    I love that dress!

  3. Haha at your dad! Mine was not clever enough to come up with an adorable way like that to make me stop making that face. :)

    Okay, I have seen that dress at Target several times, and I have passed right by it because it seemed so shapeless and difficult to wear. It NEVER occurred to me to belt it like you have. You look AMAZING in it! Great job.