Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flower Power...

I wore this button-up open for most of the day and just wasn't feeling the outfit, despite receiving a few compliments on it. It wasn't until almost the end of the workday before it dawned on me to actually button up the shirt, thus giving me a waist, and I liked the outfit much more after that!


Floral Button-up: Old Navy
Purple Knit Top: Charlotte Russe?
Gray Pants: Lane Bryant
Purple Heels: Vera Wang for Kohl's
Earrings: NY&Co
Green Cami: (seen through purple knit top IRL, but not in photo: Kohl's

I really liked these pants when I bought them, but nowadays, I'm thinking they are too big in the pooch region. I sure don't need any help looking larger there! These may end up in the giveaway pile, especially now that warm weather is coming and I won't need to be wearing pants for much longer!

::begin shameless plug::
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  1. I'm planning on updating my blogroll in the next few days. Since I have you on my reader, I'm going to add you anyway. Want to add me too?

    Love the blouse by the way. Its very pretty. :)


  2. Smart move buttoning the top; that was the first place my eye went, and I loved how great the shape looks on you!

  3. Glad you found a way to make the shirt work - I adore that cheery print! And just added you to ye olde blogroll.

  4. I love the print on that blouse!

    Have you considered getting the pants altered?