Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing...

Most people like to rope in wild animals, but apparently I like wild animals to rope me in:


Green Button: Merona, thrifted
Pants: NY&Co
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Belt: Cato
Black Cami (unseen): Kohl's
Earrings: black coral from Curacao, gift from brother for 21st Bday
Necklace: NY&Co?
Bangles: probably Claire's

Unfortunately, I couldn't get photos outside due to the rain, and seemed to be unable to get a decent full-length shot. As a consolation prize, I share with you the corner behind out front door. Dear fiance loves his comics, and the entire first floor (which really is only a tiny computer room -aka- man cave) is decorated with comic posters and DJ paraphernalia. I think for Christmas or his birthday I am going to buy tons and tons of frames, so at least they can be properly mounted and hung, instead of using thumbtacks dorm-room style. If our house is gonna be decorated with posters of Deadpool and the X-Men, at least I can class the joint up a bit!

This outfit felt better than it looks in the photos, and honestly, I think it looked better in person. And seeing this necklace in the photo reminds me that I want to shorten it. I love the necklace, but I'd like it better if it hung closer to my neck. As I've said before, I normally don't wear my tops tucked in, but I wanted to show off this awesome belt. I love it!
I got a compliment from a coworker while wearing this outfit that I looked very professional. Whoda thunk it that a zebra-print belt would elicit such a comment?!


  1. I like the look. It's very pulled together. Thanks for explaining the posters on the wall. Reminds me of Ana from Rearranged Design ( who has Pearl Jam posters in her living room (

  2. i really love your necklace, and the zebra belt is just so fun!

    Chic on the Cheap