Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday...

As most of you probably already know, Erin over at Work With What You've Got has instituted a new holiday entitled "Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday." The rules are pretty simple:
(1) Stay Fabulous.
(2) If rule #1 is broken, get slapped.

This is what I wore while hoping not to get slapped:


Striped Turtleneck: Target
Sweater: H&M
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: American Eagle for Payless
Flower: H&M
Earrings: Gift from fiance

I have been coveting the stripes I've seen on other bloggers for WEEK now, and I'm excited to have landed myself an awesome striped turtleneck! Of course, the weather is finally supposed to turn warm on us, so I will have to pack this baby away soon until fall/winter, but maybe I'll have one or two more chances to wear it before its too late. (I haven't yet crossed "Long Sleeved Striped Top" off the Want List on my sidebar because I still want one that isn't a turtleneck. Still hunting...)

Have you ever seen an outfit on another blogger and totally fallen in love with it and filed it in the back of your brain... then one day, you get dressed, totally NOT imitating another outfit, only to realize that your outfit is completely inspired by the one you loved? (Did that thought totally not make sense to you?)
While there are several differences between the two, I think my outfit today was utterly inspired by Hillary's outfit from a few months ago.
True, the sweaters are different colors, and hers is a cardi whereas mine is a pull-over, but I remember loving that she had the striped peeking out past her sweater sleeves. And since I don't have a striped scarf to tie bow-style around my neck, I added my striped flower as an extra stripey pop (and they also mirror the flowers that are part of her cardi).
Still love that outfit, Hillary!


  1. Nice combo. I love the stripes they are my fav.. and oh so much fun! I have seen a few outfits that other bloggers are wearing.. I copy them all the time.

  2. Both your's and Hillary's renditions are super duper! I love this look. Stripes are fantastic and so chic!

  3. No slapping here! I remember that outfit of Hillary's and I loved it too. Your version is perfect. And that pin; so great.

  4. You pass - no slappin' needed! Love the stripes and the extra wow the pin adds!