Friday, March 26, 2010

They Call me Mellow Yellow...

Only this yellow wasn't very mellow at all!
I find yellow to be a very difficult color for me, and i think I look better in a more muted, mustardy yellow. However do love this skirt, and I don't really have an appropriate brown top to wear with it (which is the color I would normally be more inclined to pair with it).


Top: H&M
Skirt: Anne Taylor LOFT, swapped
Shoes: Mossimo, thrifted
Necklace: very old
Bangles: bought from a friend
Earrings: NY&Co

Hopefully wearing the chunky brown necklace near my face helped to counteract some of the yellow washing me out.

I wore the top tucked in because I thought it looked more pulled-together than an untucked tshirt (because really, that's all this shirt is). But I really don't like the way it looks like I'm carrying a spare tire around my midsection. I think this issue could have been counteracted with a nice wide belt worn where the top and skirt meet; unfortunately, I don't own a wide brown belt -- this has now been added to my shopping list!
I untucked the top when I got home, and I think the proportions were much better for me.

My fiance is at two different soccer practices tonight. I could have anything I want in the world for dinner, and I opted for mac-n-cheese with salsa on it.
What does that say about me?


  1. I like the electric yellow on you and the skirt is super cute!

  2. So classic and clean...LOVE it!

    As a child I loved to eat mac and cheese (boxed) with ketchup! Whenever I tell someone this they think I'm crazy! But salsa is not that far away and it sounds delicious!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment at my blog!

  3. I love this yellow on you - maybe it's just a case of getting used to it? I like it tucked in 'cause it makes your legs look miles long!

    You could wear it untucked and belted? Don't limit yourself to the colours in the skirt - this would look awesome with any bone/taupe/camel colours too!

    You look gorgeous in this whole outfit - this is one of my favourites of yours. I'd wear it!

  4. I love the yellow on you. I don't think it makes your skin looked washed out. Funny how you wore yellow and are making mac and cheese tonight. YOu truly are in a golden mood :)

  5. Ditto everything Sheila said.

    And I'm not just saying that because I LOVE yellow, especially that shade. :)

  6. Luv Luv luuuvvv that skirt. It is really cute and a nice length too! Nice look!

  7. I agree the belt would have been the cherry. But I like the yellow on you. Plus the necklace is cute. I would not eat the salsa on it, but mac and cheese. YUMMY!

  8. Wear this skirt again please! I love it!