Thursday, April 29, 2010

Calling All Fashionable Ladies...

Ladies, bloggers, friends, I need some help!
I am on the hunt for some fashionable sneakers, and I'm hoping you all will have some awesome suggestions!
I currently own a pair of Diesel Baffin Grape Red Women's Trainers, pictured here:

What I love about these tennies is that they add some color and flair to an otherwise basic jeans-and-tshirt outfit.
Now I'm looking for another pair or two to do the same thing, only I want different colors. (So that means no more red, since I've got that covered!)

Here are my guidelines:
(1) No red
(2) Must be under $100 (ideally under $75)
(3) Must make the foot look slim when viewed from above or any other angle (yes, I think my feet look fat. let's move on...)
(4) Must have some color (I'm thinking about blues and greens, especially)
(5) But must NOT be crazy with the color
(6) I like sneakers that aren't just one solid color. (Notice that my Diesels have the white stripe along the sides and mix the red and blue in the same shoe.)

I realize this is a long list of guidelines and that I'm super-picky. But see, that's why I need your help!
If you come across something that you think first the bill, please either drop me an email or leave me a comment with the link.
Thanks dolls!

PS: These aren't on my list of shoes to be considered, but seriously, how cute are these?

Fill in the blank!


  1. If I ever buy a pair of athletic-y sneakers for running around (not for running), it would be Puma's. I love how sleek they are and how skinny they make your foot look.

  2. Urg it freaked out not sure it went through
    Have you looked at the Puma Speedcats?

  3. Not an expert on trainers, but I like Puma shoes :)

    Visit my blog? Leave a comment? Follow? I'd be more than happy to reciprocate the blog love :)