Friday, April 2, 2010

Cherry Blossom...

This is my first time wearing this dress, which I absolutely love. How fun that the splotches of pinky-coral remind me of the cherry blossoms!


Dress: H&M
Shoes: Modern Vintage, thrifted
Earrings: Claire's
Bracelet: Claire's
Cami: Kohl's

I have had gray heels on my Want list for quite a while. I found these lovelies while thrifting the other day, and they look like they may have only been worn once! I love that there is both patent and suede on them, which, as Audi would say, makes them special.

Dear fiance wasn't impressed with this dress when I tried it on, but I think it's perfect for me because it has a spring feel to it with the ruffles, floaty fabric, and floral-like print, but it is still in my comfort zone because of the drape and color scheme. While I love pastels and flowers on others, there is something in the inherent "girliness" that just feels awkward when I try it out myself.
I love the versatility this dress offers. I can throw a belt around it to create a more defined waistline. I can class it up with nice heels and jewelry, but at the same time, I can throw on some boots, my leather jacket, and bass-ass accessories and wear it a little more rocker-style, like Erin would do.


  1. That dress is fabulous! I love the scale of the print, and the cut is lovely on you. If you don'd mind me saying so, it really showcases your upper body in a flattering way. It would be great with a leather jacket (or a denim jacket, too.)

  2. You SHOULD love that dress; you look so hot in it. Kari's right, it flatters your top in an amazing way. And grey heels - EEEEEEEEE! So cool.

    I love your montages, but is there any way you can add a larger picture of your fullbody shot? It's so hard to see all the details, and I want toooooo!

  3. i DO love the shape of this dress, thanks!

    Kristen -- I will try to include a larger full-body shot. thanks for the feedback! :)

  4. I gave you a blog award if you want to see my lastest blog post! :)

  5. The dress is lovely, and hooray for the special details on the shoes! The dress could easily transition into fall and winter with some tights, boots, and a cardi. Great find!