Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes You Just Know You Look Good...

Sometimes, you just KNOW you look good. And this outfit was on one of those days.


Top: H&M
Skirt: old
Belt: Marshall's
Shoes: Madden Girl via TJ Maxx
Earrings: Claire's?


I just recently bought these awesome shoes at TJ Maxx and I couldn't wait to work them into some outfits. This is actually the second outfit -- the first one never made it to the blog. I felt sexy, and I felt extremely feminine all day long.
It was beautiful outside, and the wind was picking up my hair, my skirt and my earrings -- these earrings are almost like tiny little windchimes. I love hearing the tinkling in my ears all day long, and they always remind me of warm weather.

I really wanted the shoes to be the stars of this outfit, so I went for something simple and ended up with a color blocked outfit that I really felt great wearing!

Do you have any wardrobe items or accessories that you equate with Spring or Summer?


  1. Oooh I love those shoes!!! This outfit is really cute too, I want to copy you but don't own a purple skirt :(.

  2. So pretty! I love purple and your shoes are great.

    I don't have a summer item at this point but I am going to try for cute little summer skirts as I am not into shorts this year. Besides, I live in extreme South Florida and skirts are cooler.

  3. Phenomenal shoes, lady! Love them!! That skirt is fantastic too!

  4. This is so pretty - love those shoes! Your waist looks so tiny!

    I will be hauling out my summer shoes soon - but all of my clothes stay out year 'round.

  5. Cute! I love the skirt, and your waist does look tiny!

  6. Those shoes are just fantastic! I also applaud you for being able to wear a white skirt and not immediately spill coffee on it, as I would.

  7. Meli22: the best thing about the color blocking look is that you can use any colors! try it!

    La Historiadora de Moda: thankfully, i dont drink coffee. ;)

    amazingly enough, this skirt is over a decade old and for the most part, still clean and white -- and it has lasted through that many clothing sizes too! it used to hang low on my hips and now it is high-waisted, but i can still make it work!

  8. You look so good.I love the purple and white together and that skirt is ROCKIN!!! can I steal it.. for a moment I thought, "why is she showing us her clothes on a manequin" your skin is flawless in these pics. cute hair too.. okok..i think thats it. lol

  9. Love the shoes. I saw them at my TJMaxx and almost bought them a couple weeks ago. I may go back and see if they're still there...

  10. The shhhhhoooooooooooeeeees!!! Killer.

  11. So cute!! That skirt is divine.