Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Na-na-na-na, Hey-hey, Goodbye...

I would apologize for cutting my feet off in the full-body shot, but sadly, my shoes bit the dust when I took them off to travel home, and I had to wear my comfy traveling shoes (aka, tennies) to take the photos. Side Note: I usually try to somewhat match my traveling shoes to my outfit, just in case.


Top: Sweet Pea via Nordstrom Rack
Pants: Old Navy
Jacket: don't recall the brand, thrifted
Earrings: gift
Shoes: very old, via Payless?


I loved this top when I found it at Nordstrom Rack. The colors are very "me" and I love the stretchiness of it -- it will fit through weight fluctuation, but it isn't lycra or spandex or some other material that looks cheap. I love the detailing at the bustline. It is work appropriate, but special enough to wear out for dinner or drinks. I hadn't heard of the brand Sweet Pea when I purchased this top, but being that I'm not a brand snob, that didn't matter much to me. However, I receive daily emails from Rue La La, and imagine my surprise when they featured Sweet Pea. It seems I managed to get me a schmancy brand without even knowing it!

Sadly, in the last 2 weeks, I have lost 2 pairs of jeans. My jeans wardrobe was already sadly tiny, at only 4 pairs (2 casual, 2 trouser style), and it was my 2 casual pairs that bit the dust. What's a girl to do? I've been trying to curtail extra spending, but this was an emergency.
Dear fiance and I hurried to the mall last night (jeans-shopping has never been a hobby of mine, so I like to bring him along for feedback and emotional support). I found many, many pairs to try on -- after all, we gals really do need to try on many pairs to find just one that will work, right?
Magically, I managed to find not one, but THREE pairs that all had promise! The dilemma: save money, or buy up the whole lot?
The solution presented itself like an angel in the light with a choir singing in the background: my darling dear fiance offered to purchase one pair for me, and then reminded me that I still had gift cards left over from Christmas and my Bday. One pair from him and one pair "from Nana" left me just one pair to purchase for myself!
In the end, I've not got a lovely pair of Calvin Kleins, and rockin pair of DKNYs, and a practical pair of Levis.
Ahhh... what won't we do for the perfect pair of denim?


  1. Three pair in one run?! You are a lucky gal indeed.

  2. That's so funny that you said the top's colors were very "you" because that was exactly the comment I was thinking when I saw the outfit. You have a great way of wearing blues and greens.

  3. I love the pattern on that top!

    I cannot believe it! You found the holy grail of jeans shopping luck, and I am so envious! Buying jeans (or any pants really) is such torture for me because of my body shape, that I almost never wear them now in hopes that they will never wear out and I will never have to shop for jeans again.

  4. Wow, it sounds like the stars were truly magically aligned for your jeans shopping. Not only to find three pairs that fit well, but to only have to shell out money for one!! Woo-hoo!

    Also, love the Sweet Pea top - great colors and pattern.