Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well I Never...

When another blogger pointed out weeks ago that pastels are a huge trend for spring, I said that I hardly ever wear pastels because they tend to wash me out, and also because I tend to see them as an overly-feminine style that I don't reconcile with my own style.
Well, color me a liar.


Aqua Wrap Top: Charlotte Russe
Orange Tshirt: H&M
Pants: NY&Co
Shoes: RSVP
Faux Peal Earrings: very old
Orange Pearl Necklace: Laila Rowe


Here I am sporting not just one, but two pastels. At first, I was concerned I would look like an easter egg, but the longer I saw the two tops together the more I liked the pairing, which was initially inspired by the orange pearl necklace.
I bought myself this necklace last spring from Laila Rowe, which is truly one of my favorite stores for accessories. I bought the necklace to add to my more delicate pieces, then I'm fairly certain I never wore it. If i did, it was only once or twice. I could just never quite figure out how to style it. After having already paired the two tops together, the addition of the necklace was purely natural.

Unrelated, I finally got myself a tripod, so I can venture out a little more with my photo locations. Of course, there are still actual, yknow *people* around, so I haven't ventured out very far just yet. Terra often posts about people catching her "in the act," but dare I saw that she is much braver than I am!

Is there a fashion trend of style piece that you once swore you would never take part in, only to find yourself wearing it later?

ETA: BTW, Danielle also has this same top in white. Small world!


  1. That color combo looks really nice on you. I too love Laila Rowe, but they have so much stuff that I can never choose what I want so I usually leave with nothing.. But I love that store!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment on my other blog, that was so sweet. I left you a response. By the way, I love your top, one of the best pasterl colors in my opinion!