Friday, April 2, 2010

No Bullseyes...

Neither of these looks is a fashion bullseye. One is a bit off-target, and one missed the whole target entirely.
But in the interest of full disclosure, I share them with you.

Tuesday, I wore this:

Cardi: NY&Co
Top: Old Navy
Pants: thrifted
Shoes: American Eagle
Scarf: vintage, thrifted
Earrings: (faux diamond studs, unseen) Claire's

While the scarf adds a much-needed pop of color, the outfit felt much like the weather -- drab and dreary. Nothing exciting. Forgettable.
At least I was able to repeat the dot theme in the scarf, the neckline of the top, and the sequins of the shoes?

Wednesday was a bit better:

Top: Faith21
Pants: Marshall's?
Shoes: Payless
Belt: KMart
Necklace: Cato
Earrings: (unseen) Target?
Headband: Claire's or the Icing

The color had returned both to the world, and to my outfit. I wanted to build an outfit around the rarely-worn headband, which I think is just-too-cute.
These pants are definitely up on my wardrobe's chopping block. The fabric just screams 1970's polyester suit to me every time I see them in photos. I have held onto them because I need me some chocolate brown pants, and these keep surviving until I find a better pair.
I *LOVE* the pattern on this top. L-O-V-E. But I think I need some help with how to style it. It is sheer, so it requires a cami underneath, which I have no problem with. Because it is large and blousy, I always feel the need to belt it, so I don't like enormous, but sometimes I feel like the belted look ends up making me look... expecting. As in, several gentlemen on the Metro offered me their seats.

Mission (for myself, and for you, if you choose to accept it!): How to create a shape in this top, without that shape saying "with child."

On the bright side, I picked up this belt at KMart for a mere $2! I have been trying to find a belt this color for about forever, and this one fits both my waist AND my hips, so this is a major score!


  1. Just email me your zipcode, I will figure up postage for you and send you an invoice through paypal. (Please be sure to send me your email as well) Thanks!

    Shipping is usually between $4-7 depending on location.

  2. I might have gone with a coloured shoe in the top outfit. For the bottom outfit, do a really wide belt. Your waist will look tiny, and no more "with child". :)

  3. I liked the grey sparkly shoes in the first outfit; I would have switched out the cardigan to a patterned one to perk it up.

    I am with Sheila on the second one: a wide belt and you look great. Not preggers at all! Maybe they were offering you their seat because they were flirting? :)

  4. I like the outfit and I don't think you look with child at all!

  5. thanks ladies -- i actually have a wide brown belt on my Want list. i do have a wide white belt that i sometimes pair with this top, but i think the brown one will work better...

  6. Wednesday's set is sooo pretty and full of details !
    The headband is gorgeous. I say you can use that top just as is (belted) or maybe with a vest ?
    Plus I really like your layout in posting the pictures :)